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When we talk about jobs, wages tend to dominate the conversation. But time matters to working Hoosiers, too. Without paid sick days, the flu can wipe out an entire month's grocery budget. A cancer diagnosis or car accident can bring significant physical, emotional, and financial burdens in the absence of temporary disability insurance. And too many Hoosiers must cobble together savings or borrow from communal leave banks in order to welcome a new baby or care for an aging parent. It's about time we had some serious conversations about paid leave.



Paid Family & Medical Leave:

Policy Analysis and Recommendations for Indiana


Paid family and medical leave policies provide paid time off to care for family members or recover from a serious medical event. This report describes the many benefits of paid family and medical leave for employees, their loved ones, businesses, and the economy and makes recommendations for state legislation that would maximize low-income, working families' ability to take leave.


DECEMBER 2016 | Download the report


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Spotlight: Working Hoosiers 50+

What do paid leave and retirement security have to do with one another? Read this joint post by IIWF and Indiana AARP to find out!


Open Letter: Back-to-School Flu Serves as Reminder that Hoosiers Need Paid Sick Days

An estimated 1.1 million Hoosiers lack access to paid sick days. This affects all of us. Read the letter here.


August is National Breastfeeding Month: How Can Indiana Better Support Nursing Mothers?

Indiana passed a nursing mothers workplace rights bill in 2008, but paid leave and increased workplace supports are needed to ensure that mothers can meet their breastfeeding goals. Learn more through this joint publication by IIWF and the Indiana Breatfeeding Coalition.


Paid Sick Leave Policy Brief

Paid sick leave gives workers financial stability when they need time off to attend to a temporary medical need, like the flu.

MAY 2011 | Download the PDF




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