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Policy Briefs

The Indiana Institute for Working Families' policy briefs synthesize existing research and make recommendations for change. Have a topic you would like to see covered? Let us know.

Access to Financial Services

Access to affordable financial services can reduce the cost of day-to-day transactions, make savings easier, and improve financial well-being. Addressing the barriers and improving consumer protections will allow more Hoosiers to achieve their financial goals.

September 2018 | Download the PDF


Debt Collection

Having a debt in collections can be devastating: it can damage credit, involve a lawsuit, and result in wage garnishment or seizure of property. It is critical that federal and state laws promote transparency, accuracy, and fairness in the collection process.

July 2018 | Download the PDF


Payday Lending

Payday loans are marketed as a short-term credit solution, but the reality is far different. The median borrower makes just under $2k per month and repeats these high-cost, 382% APR loans eight to ten times per year.

DECEMBER 2017 | Download the PDF


Central Indiana Public Transit and Self-Sufficiency

Reliable regional public transit would create savings for low-income families and expand economic opportunity.

OCTOBER 2016 | Download the PDF


SNAP Asset Limits

For Hoosiers that depend on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, the program's asset limits disincentivize savings, which is a critical step toward self-sufficiency.

NOVEMBER 2015 | Download the PDF


Supportive Services for Indiana's Adult Learners

Without supportive services, barriers like family obligations, child care, transportation, and misaligned school and work schedules will continue to stand in the way of Indiana's education completion and workforce development goals.

MARCH 2015 | Download the PDF


Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)

When a $.50 increase in hourly wages leads to a complete loss of benefits, families are disincentivized from accepting hard-earned increases in pay.

NOVEMBER 2013 | Download the PDF


SNAP and TANF Asset Limits

Eligibility requirements for both the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) set limits on both income and countable resources (assets). For a number of compelling reasons, many states have elimintated the "asset test" - but Indiana is not yet among them.

NOVEMBER 2013 | Download the PDF on SNAP Asset Limits or TANF Asset Limits




Individual Development Accounts - March 2013


Sub-Baccalaureate Credentials: Solutions for Adult Student Success

Sub-Baccalaureate Credentials: Tailored Programs Boost Student Outcomes

Sub-Baccalaureate Credentials: Improved Data Measurement Needed - January 2013


Financial Aid and ‘Bundled’ General Fund Support - December 2012


Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) - July 2011

Lifelong Learning Accounts - August 2011

Individual Development Accounts – August 2011

State of Poverty in Indiana: A Demographic Analysis - July 2011

Workforce Investment Act, Title II (Adult Education and Family Literacy) - July 2011

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) - May 2011

Paid Sick Leave - May 2011

Paid Family Leave - May 2011

Workforce Investment Act, Title I - May 2011

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) - May 2011

State Child Healthcare Insurance Program (SCHIP) - May 2011

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - May 2011

National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs - May 2011

Middle Skill Jobs - May 2011

Cliff Effect - April 2011

Asset Poverty - April 2011

Education and Training Opportunities for TANF Recipients Policy Brief – March 2011

Unemployment Insurance – February 2011

Self-Sufficiency Standard: How it Can be Used? – January 2011

Property Tax Caps: A Look at the Actual Tax Bills of Two Hoosier Homeowners – May 2010

Many Homestead Properties Experience an Increase in Property Tax Bills Despite Indiana’s Property Tax Caps – May 2010

The Truth about the November Property Tax Cap Vote - Fact Sheet
- May 2010

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) - Policy Brief

Indiana Property Tax Caps: Using Dollar and $ense to Make the Right Decisions

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