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Who We Are

In addition to being Indiana's Weatherization training facility, INCAA also has a staff of technicians who implement the best practices taught at our training facility. INCAA's primary mission is to support Indiana's community action network, which helps low income Hoosiers become more self-sustaining. Because of that, most people that use our services are Indiana's low income households.

We feel we have something to offer the rest of our neighbors. The homes we weatherize typically have their annual gas bill reduced by 30%. That might be something the rest of our neighbors would benefit from. So if you are looking for someone to help you save on your energy bills while helping other Hoosiers do the same, please hire us to help you.

Our Approach

We approach your home as a system. We believe the house is more than the parts it is made of. Replacing your furnace can impact the way your water heater works. Adding more insulation can affect the performance of your existing heating system. Using the house as a system approach keeps a wary eye out for such interactions to protect your health and the health of your family.

What We Do

We provide whole house energy conservation services. That means we can replace older heating, cooling, and water heating equipment. We can also install additional insulation, such as foam or cellulose. We can also size whole house ventilation systems for fresh air.

What is a High Bill? Do I Have a Healthy One?

One positive of living in Indiana is the affordable energy. While energy prices are always in flux, Indiana tends to have relatively affordable energy. As a result, finding good energy conservation investments can be challenging. But as the saying goes, savings follows waste. If there is excessive waste, there is bound to be significant savings! How do you know if your energy bill is too high? Too often, if you can't pay for it! If that is your situation, we can help think of ideas to lower your bill. On the off chance paying the monthly bill isn't a problem, please refer to the charts below to see where your house heating ranks.

Monthly Budget - Natural Gas

Highest Heating Month - Natural Gas

Monthly Budget - Electricity

Highest Heating Month - Electricity




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