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Employment & Income


Indianapolis Business Journal, 11/9/2018

Janitor uprising highlights tensions over outsourcing


Indy Midtown, 10/22/2018

Upskilling for Economic Mobility


WFYI, 9/6/2018

Report: Income inequality in Indiana continues to grow


Times of Northwest Indiana, 9/5/2018

Indiana's income now more in line with South than Midwest, study finds


The Indiana Business Journal, 9/4/2018

Report: Indiana tax policy has benefited wealthy as median income dropped


FOX59 WXIN, 9/3/2018

Report says Indiana economy resembles Southern states


The Anderson Herald Bulletin, 9/2/2018

Locals not surprised Indiana falling behind Midwest neighbors


The Indianapolis Star, 8/31/2018

Why a report calls Indiana a 'Southern state' after examining certain economic indicators


Inside Indiana Business, 7/24/2018

Indiana part of work-based learning academy


WFYI, 7/20/2018

National report shows Indiana income inequality rising


Public News Service, 6/28/2018

Indiana presents cautionary tale in wake of Janus decision


Indianapolis Business Journal, 5/17/2018

Indianapolis residents' 'real' personal income sees growth - but still below national average


Marketplace, 5/11/2018

Tax cuts: Have they benefitted Indiana's economy?


Indianapolis Star, 4/7/2018

Report: Indiana ranks low for economic status of women


Northeast Indiana Public Radio, 3/6/2018

Democrat Anti-Trump Tax Initiative Hosts Discussion in Indy


Indianapolis Star, 2/27/2018

Holcomb backs legislative effort to allow DACA recipients to get professional licenses


Indianapolis Star, 1/17/2018

Lawmakers propose equal pay law: 'Why do we not treat the women of Indiana fairly?'


Indianapolis Star, 1/7/2018

Indiana lawmaker proposes change to sex discrimination law - starting with pregnancy


Job Quality


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 6/23/2018

Editorial: Family-friendly


Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/27/2018

Erin Macey: Paid leave helps employers as much as employees


Work Supports


RTV6, 6/26/2018

Thousands of Hoosiers could lose food stamp benefits due to major cuts in House farm bill


WFHB, 6/22/2018

Food stamp cuts would leave locals ineligible, hungry


South Bend Tribune, 6/7/2018

HUD plan could raise rents for thousands of low-income families, retirees in Indiana


RTV6, 5/18/2018

Thousands of Hoosiers could lose food stamp benefits if proposed federal legislation becomes law


Fox59, 4/26/2018

Proposal to HUD vouchers could mean more money out of low-income families' pockets


Consumer Protections


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 5/22/2018

Improving percentage


WBIW, 5/21/2018

Federal payday rule survives legislative threat, remains intact for now


Public News Service, 2/28/2018

Lawmakers turn down payday-lending bill


Nuvo, 2/27/2018

Controversial Payday Lending Bill Falters in Senate


Chicago Daily Herald, 2/24/2018

Payday lending bill faces uncertain fate in Indiana Senate


Indianapolis Recorder, 2/15/2018

Payday Loans: Relief or Bondage?


Indianapolis Star, 2/2/2018

With a push from Bosma, Indiana House votes to allow 'loan shark' rates


Fox 59, 1/25/2018

Battle brewing over opposing payday loan bills in statehouse


RTV6, 1/3/2018

Indiana lawmaker files bill to cap payday loan interest rates at 36 percent




News and Tribune, 10/25/2018

In Indiana and Illinois, taxes hit low-earners hard


KPC News, 7/8/2018

Northeast Indiana aging faster than state, US


WANE, 5/4/2018

Fort Wayne ranks 13th in the country for home evictions


South Bend Tribune, 2/16/2018

Indiana Michigan Power reaches settlement on lower rate increase



2017 Media


Public News Service, 11/27/2017

Critics: GOP Tax Plan Would Hurt Many Hoosier Families


WPAA, 11/3/2017

Will the GOP's Tax Cuts Trickle Down to Hoosier Workers


Indianapolis Business Journal, 10/21/2017

Rise in Poverty in Indy nearly outpaces growth in population over 15 years


Public News Service, 10/2/2017

New Census figures pinpoint Indiana hunger, poverty


WFYI, 9/22/2017

Study ranks Indiana in bottom five states for gender pay gap


Indiana Public News Service, 9/5/2017

Report cites weaker pay, less voice for working Hoosiers


Greensburg Daily News, 8/1/2017

Indiana to provide free community college programs for in-demand fields


Indy Politics, 7/27/2017

Indiana's employers say they need increased skills, wages, & benefits to grow workforce


Indianapolis Star, 7/3/2017

Gov. Holcomb issues executive order to 'ban the box' in Indiana


WFYI, 6/12/2017

Financial barriers keep most people from workforce training


Indianapolis Business Journal, 6/10/2017

Should Indiana raise its minimum wage? In a word: yes.


Northwest Indiana Times, 6/7/2017

Child care, transportation barriers among job training barriers


WISH-TV, 5/9/2017

Indy council looking to raise minimum wage for city workers


WBIW, 5/9/2017

17 reasons to raise Indiana's minimum wage in 2017


WIBC, 5/8/2017

Council to debate $13 an hour "living wage" for city and county employees


Indianapolis Business Journal, 5/8/2017

Proposal aims to boost minimum city employee pay to $13 per hour


WRTV-6, 5/6/2017

How much do you need to survive in Indiana (with no help)?


WRTV-6, 5/3/2017

Roadblocks prevent Hoosiers from "upskilling"


Indianapolis Star, 4/26/2017

Gov. Eric Holcomb to issue executive order on felon hiring


Eagle Country 99.3, 4/26/2017

Gov. Holcomb's executive order "bans the box" for public jobs


WFHB, 4/26/2017

Ban the box - Governor Holcomb supports state but not local efforts for job applicants


USA Today, 4/20/2017

Bill on Indiana governor's desk to stop ban-the-box ordinances about job seekers' criminal histories


Indianapolis Star, 4/19/2017

Indiana ACLU, NAACP want governor to veto felony hiring bill


Northwest Indiana Times, 3/17/2017

Wages not keeping up with cost-of-living increases in NWI


Indianapolis Star, 2/24/2017

Should you know if new hire is a convict?


Indianapolis Business Journal, 1/27/2017

Does Indiana need $10 an hour minimum wage?


Indiana Public Media, 11/6/2017

Hoosiers, Hunger Activists Call for No Cuts to SNAP


WIMS AM 1420, 6/20/2017

Cutting SNAP benefits could hurt Hoosiers


Greensburg Daily News, 6/19/2017

Hoosiers at risk of hunger under Trump budget


PPP Focus, 5/26/2017

Trump budget keeps pledges: Cuts for poor, more for military


Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/1/2017

As debate rages over prek funding, families already in program see gains


Public News Service, 11/13/2017

Advocates Plead for Utility Relief


Indiana Public Media, 10/6/2017

CFPB Payday loan ruling creates new ways to protect consumers


Northwest Indiana Times, 4/27/2017

Beware of Overdraft Fees on Prepaid Cards


The Message, 2/23/2017

Senate Committee Rejects Bill to Expand Payday Lending


Indianapolis Star, 2/14/2017

Loan sharks circling at Statehouse -- again


WFYI, 9/27/2017

Traffic amnesty program could get 400k Hoosiers back on the road


Indiana Public News Service, 4/26/2017

Legislative session mixed for Indiana working families


Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/17/2017

Bill pits affordable housing against property rights


WFYI No Limits 1/24/2017

Combating Domestic Violence in Indiana

2016 Media


Indianapolis Business Journal, 12/10/2016

Provisions would boost economy, help families


Indianapolis Star, 11/6/2016

Can the next president, governor improve Hoosiers' economic well-being?


Indiana Public Media, 9/26/2016

Indiana Has Tenth Highest Wage Gap Between Men And Women


Greensbug Daily News, 9/23/2016

More Hoosiers Working, Poverty Slowly Improving


Greensburg Daily News, 08/24/2016

Decatur County Employment Numbers Improve


Peacock Panache, 08/11/2016

Economics & Unemployment: Numbers Can Be Deceiving


WFYI No Limits 6/28/2016

Chasing the Dream - Part 4


Nuvo, 3/28/2016

Reasons to raise Indiana's minimum wage in 2016


Northwest Indiana Times, 3/26/2016

Indiana income again near the bottom


Public News Service, 12/14/2016

Will Indiana Put Paid Family Leave on the Front Burner?


Eagle Country Online, 12/14/2016

Report: Lack of Paid Leave Puts Hoosiers in a Bind


Indiana Public Media, 10/14/2016

U.S., Indiana Lagging Behind With Lack Of Paid Leave Policies


WFYI, 8/9/2016

Report Gives Indiana 'D-' On Family Friendly Workplaces


Eagle 99.3 FM, 08/8/2016

Indiana Scores Poorly In Report On Support For Families


Kokomo Herald, 4/7/2016

Investing in child care would save Hoosier families $3201 a year


Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, 11/16/2016

Fighting Poverty through Access to Transportation


Indianapolis Recorder, 4/14/2016

Borrower beware: Payday loans a costly, controversial option


Indianapolis Star, 2/24/2016

Lawmakers could OK 'loan shark' rates


Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 2/19/2016

Payday lenders look to expand


Inside INdiana Business, 08/15/2016

Institute Announces Staffing Changes


Opposing Views, 1/24/2016

Why Stricter Work Requirements For Food Stamps Need To Be Coupled With Expanded Job Training Programs


2015 Media Archives


98.9 WYRZ, 08/4/2015

The Indiana Institute for Working Families Receives Funding from The Indianapois Foundation


Inside Indiana Business, 07/23/2015

Indiana Needs a 'Good Jobs' Economic Development Strategy


Indianapolis Star, 06/22/2015
Hoosier incomes rose thanks to Medicaid expansion

Tribune Star (Terre Haute, Ind.), 05/31/2015
Measuring the economy depends on perspective: Lower jobless rate in Indiana positive but demands understanding

WFYI Indianapolis, 05/29/2015
Some analysts say not all is well with Indiana's economy, despite low unemployment

Nuvo News (Indianapolis), 05/29/2015
All that glitters is not gold: Indiana's unemployment rate drops

Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.), 05/28/2015
Keeping kids safe: State must invest in fight against deadly abuse, neglect

Indianapolis Star, 05/28/2015
Indiana's unemployment rate drops to 5.4 percent

Indianapolis Star, 05/27/2015
Indiana in race to the bottom

USA Today, 4/15/2015
Lawmaker rethinking welfare drug-testing proposal

Indianapolis Star, 4/11/2015
Economic gaps growing among Hoosiers

Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.), 4/9/2015
Family Friendly: Chid-care assistance can still pass Senate

Tribune Star, 3/26/15
Which interpretation of income data matches your reality?


The, 3/17/2015
Low-income families could keep child care help longer under bill moving in Senate


WCLJ TV 42, 3/13/2015
Joy in Our Town, with guest Derek Thomas, senior policy analyst with IIWF

Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/28/15
THOMAS: Work sharing calms economic waves

JC Online (Lafayette Journal & Courier), 2/27/15
Howey: Telling a new, but familiar Hoosier story (Kendallville, Ind.), 2/26/15
Shifting sustainability on the Hoosier prairies

Public News Service, 2/26/2015
New tool paints a clearer picture of child poverty

The Indianapolis Star, 2/23/2015
Krull: Indiana's Middle Class is Evaporating

The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne), 2/20/2015
Family Friendly - House bill strengthens bridge to self-sufficiency


WFYI 90.1 FM (Indianapolis)
No Limits: 2015 Working Families Report

The Journal Courier (Lafayette, Ind.) 2/19/2015

Bill to expand SNAP eligibility dies in committee (Franklin, Ind.), 2/17/2015
Bill to help low-income Hoosiers with child care moves to Senate (Franklin, Ind.), 2/17/2015
No vote on bill to eliminate asset test for food help

Vincennes Sun-Commercial (Vincennes, Ind.), 2/17/2015
Facing homelessness in Southern Indiana: For many, just making ends meet is a full-time job

The Indiana Lawyer, 2/11/2015
Indiana bills to increase the minium wage go unheard (Franklin, Ind.), 2/09/2015
Guest column: Work sharing deserves a legislative shot (Franklin, Ind.), 2/09/2015
Lawmakers hear concerns about 'cliff' effect for child care program

Journal Review (Crawfordsville, Ind.), 2/06/2015
Poverty in Indiana continues to grow

Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/05/2015
Tax 'simplification' bill raises numerous questions

Howey Politics Indiana, 2/05/2015
Is Indiana's middle class dying?
Status of Working Families report paints grim picture, but GOP sees higher wages on horizon

Indianapolis Star, 2/03/2015
Will Indiana lawmakers create Office of Marriage Promotion?

WIBC, 93.1FM (Indianapolis), 1/26/15
Indiana coalition calling for minimum wage hike

WBBM News Radio 780 AM and 105.9FM (Chicago), 1/23/2015
Those pushing for a higher minimum wage in Indiana say they doubt it's going to happen anytime soon.

WFYI Indianapolis, 90.1FM, 1/23/15
Report: As Hoosier economy improves, wages remain flat

News & Tribune (Jeffersonville, Ind.), 1/16/15
Facing Homelessness: The waiting game

Fox 59, 1/16/2015
Indiana organization claims more Hoosiers than ever living in poverty

Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne), 1/15/2015
Hoosiers' plight belies Pence's rosy picture

Indianapolis Star, 1/15/2015
While Indiana gets richer, Hoosiers get poorer



Fox59 10/20/2014

Indiana adopts stricter food stamp policy, could impact thousands 10/20/2014

Indiana reinstates time limits for some food stamp recipients


The Herald Bulletin 9/11/14

Work share program needed in Indiana


Journal Gazette 9/2/14

Wage gap persists locally


News and Tribune 8/28/14

Work sharing gains support as alternative to layoffs in Indiana


IBJ 8/27/14

Work share program debated by study committee


Lakeshore FM - Regionally Speaking with Steve Walsh 8/21/14

Income inequality is on the rise in Northwest Indiana post recession. We’ll break down the numbers. 8/18/2014

The Hoosier Poverty Problem Needs Real Solutions


Statehouse File 8/13/14

Inequality in Indy - A Rising Probem With Ready Solutions


Journal Gazette 8/12/14

Jobs back after recession; pay lags


NUVO 8/6/2014

Kids Counting On Us to Addess Inequality


The Republic 7/14/14

Indiana Legislature could take another look at work share program as alternative to layoffs


The Guardian U.S. 7/20/2014

The Benefits Cliff - When Minimum Wage Increases Backfire 7/13/14

Indiana loses out in Work Share dollars 6/18/14

A $15 Minimum Wage in Indy? Unlikely 6/18/14

Make All Work Pay A Living Wage 6/12/14

Marriage Not A Panacea to Poverty 6/08/14

The Price of Poverty 3/05/14

Rising Inequality in Indiana 3/02/14
Off-the-rails session can be redeemed 3/01/14

A bipartisan solution for work force woes 2/25/14
Indiana may pass on federal dollars to start work share program


Inside Indiana Business 2/13/14
A Bipartisan Solution to Protect Hoosier Jobs


Salem Leader 2/13/14
More Indiana working mothers are low-income 2/09/14
Pence’s flip endangers work-share

Courier Journal 1/30/14
Report: More than half of Kentuckians living paycheck to paycheck

USA Today 1/29/14
State Risks Losing Millions of Federal Work-Share Dollars 1/26/14
Focus On Efforts That Help Families Transition Off Welfare

Indiana Chamber of Commerce - Biz Voice Magazine January/February 2014
'Middle-Skill Jobs' Shortage: Education Is The Answer



Joy in Our Town 12/20/13
Interview with Program Manager Jessica Fraser on the Institute's Cliff Effect Research 12/5/13
69,000 Hoosiers could lose jobless benefits 12/3/13
Work-sharing program would ease Indiana’s unemployment woes 11/1/13
Adults critical to closing skills gap 10/16/13
Mysterious jump in rate of families with young children living in poverty in Northwest Indiana.

Inside Indiana Business, 10/8/2013

Study Touts Reverse Credit Tansfer Program 9/25/13
Need growing for workers in ‘middle skills’ jobs 9/24/13
Report finds growing 'middle-skills' gap 9/24/13
Middle-skill level job openings set to increase exponentially in next ten years 9/24/13
Middle-level skills lacking: State looks to boost above-entry-level workforce 9/23/13
Need for middle skill workers touted
Thousands of Available Local Jobs Middle Skill Jobs, No Applicants 9/23/13
High Demand Jobs, No College Degree Needed 9/23/13
Gap Growing in 'Middle-Skill' Jobs 9/23/13
Indiana coalition pushes adult job skills training 9/18/13
Latest income figures show Hoosiers continue to fall short 7/24/13
Hoosiers need help, use the surplus 7/18/13
Job training will improve poverty rates 7/17/13
Report: more low-income Hoosiers; advocate blames low-paying jobs 7/15/13
Poverty Growing More Quickly in Indiana 7/15/13
Surplus celebrated as poverty grows

Kokomo Tribune 7/15/213
Report: Indiana families worse off than thought

WISH 7/15/13
Poverty growing more quickly in Indiana

Eagle Country 7/13/13
More than one million Hoosiers are now affected by poverty

Indiana Talk 7/13/13
Hour 1 of the Gary Snyder Show features Derek Thomas of the Indiana Institute for Working Families

Herald Bulletin 7/13/13
Local agencies help families cope amid financial hardship 7/12/13
Hoosiers feeling pinch despite state surplus

NWI Politics 7/8/13
Indiana working families not advancing on path to prosperity

WIBC 7/8/13
Report Cites Rising Poverty In Indiana

WFHB 7/8/13
Indiana's High Number of Low-Income Residents

The Star Press 7/7/13
Cliff effect' preventing climb out of poverty 6/16/2013
Child hunger in Indy: 80,000 struggle to find enough to eat 6/11/2013
Dan Carpenter: Denying coverage isn't 'cure' for Obamacare

WFHB 5/14/13
CEOs Rank Indiana As 5th Best State To Do Business 4/21/13
Dan Carpenter: Indiana suffers from bad tax system, bad tax cuts 3/6/2013
Should Minimum Wage be Raised? 3/5/2013
Indiana House budget slashes funding for program that helps the working poor 3/1/2013
Dan Carpenter: Proven program to lift the low-income could be cut in half

Indiana Public Media 2/4/2013
Study: Indiana Taxes Disadvantage Low-Income Groups

IBJ 1/19/2013
Advocacy group waging war against welfare 'cliff effect 1/11/2013
Staying home with flu costly for some


2012 12/20/2012
The Unequal State of America 12/4/2012
Erika D. Smith: Embrace all families to help reduce poverty

WIBC 12/4/2012
Coalition Looks to Help "Middle Skilled" Workers Find Jobs

WTIU 12/4/2012
Coalition Pushes For More ‘Middle-skill’ Worker Training

RTVChannel 6 11/25/2012
Political Leaders to Return From Holiday Focused on Fiscal Cliff 11/25/2012
Advocates look at how poor are pushed over Indiana's benefits cliff 11/15/2012
My View: Indiana policies hurt middle-class growth 11/15/2012
Study finds Indiana's poor are getting poorer

WBEZ 10/26/2012
Front and Center profile story on Cliff Effect

WBEZ 10/26/2012
Afternoon Shift live chat

The Statehouse File 10/15/2012
Guest column: A missed opportunity to save Hoosier jobs

Indiana Daily Student 9/28/2012
Ind. poverty increasing

WFHB Firehouse Broadcasting (the segment starts at 6:17)

Indy Star 7/16/2012
Derek Thomas and Angelique Gayle: State shouldn’t miss out on health coverage

The Nation 5/18/2012
This Week in Poverty: A Little Help for the Long-Term Unemployed?

Inside INdiana Business 5/10/2012
Working Families Report Shows Bleak Economic Picture

WFHB Firehouse Broadcasting 5/2/2012

Chesterton Tribune 5/2/2012
Report: Indiana poverty up; wages down

FOX 59 4/4/2012
Summer job forecast for teens: Not so hot

Indy Star 1/19/2012
Democrats push new work-share program as alternative to rig work


2011 12/31/2011
Work-share program to avoid layoffs gaining support

Indiana Economic Digest 12/13/2011
Work-share program to avoid layoffs gaining support in Indiana Legislature

The Indianapolis Star 10/14/2011
IIWF receives grant to report on 'cliff effect'

Washinton Examiner 9/13/2011
Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

WISH TV 9/13/2011
Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

IBJ 9/13/2011
Census: Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

NW Times 9/13/2011
Census data shows nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

Houston Chronicle 9/13/2011
Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

The Indianapolis Star 9/14/2011
Poverty hitting harder in Indiana 6/23/2011
The Indiana Exception? Yes, but...

WIBC 3/1/2011
Group Calls for Greater Investment in Education, Job Training


2010 10/07/2010
Report: Jobs projected for Indiana in 'middleskills'

Inside Indiana Business 10/07/2010
Study: Indiana Faces Work Force Void

The Associated Press 10/07/2010
Report: Jobs projected for Indiana in 'middle-skills'

Journal Gazette 9/22/2010
No Relief in Sight

Evansville Courier & Press 9/29/2010
Vanderburgh County bucks economic trends | POLL
Poverty, job numbers compare favorably

TribStar 3/13/2010
Hoosiers with more education weathered recession better

The Associated Press 2/3/2010
Study: 650K Ind. residents received emergency food

Chicago Tribune 2/3/2010
Study: 650K Ind. residents received emergency food

USA Today 2/1/2010
Ind. group calls attention to earned income credit 1/13/2010
They pay now, all pay later 1/31/2010
Indiana group calls attention to earned income credit

The Journal Gazette 1/31/2010
Indiana group calls attention to earned income credit

WIBC 1/31/2010
Earned Income Tax Credit

The Herald Bulletin 1/31/2010
Indiana group calls attention to earned income credit

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