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The Institute for Working Families serves as a trusted voice on issues affecting working families in Indiana, from employment conditions to safety net programs to consumer protections. In addition to sharing our publications with the media, we strive to respond promptly to all requests for interviews, data, or policy analysis from reporters. To join our media list or make a request, please email us.


Employment & Income


News & Tribune, 8/14/2020

Anderson Column: It's about housing, or is it?


Statehouse File, 7/30/2020

Faith community calls on Indiana's senators to pass a more generous COVID package


Journal Gazette, 4/22/2020

Worker exposure [Editorial]


Evansville Courier & Press, 3/25/2020

Coronavirus: Out of work due to shutdown, some look to community for support


Indianapolis Business Journal, 3/20/2020

Low-wage workers have least cushion during coronovirus crisis


Indianapolis Recorder, 3/18/2020

Working class hit hard amid coronavirus closures


Greensburg Daily News, 1/24/2020

Women rally for better pay, benefits


Job Quality


South Bend Tribune, 2/10/2020

Our opinion: Indiana lawmakers should have passed maternal health bill [Editorial]


RTV6, 1/16/2020

Governor issues plan of action to address infant mortality, maternity care issues


WFLI, 1/8/2020

Senator Alting authoring bill to help working pregnant women


Safety Net


WISH TV, 5/28/2020

Front line workers seeking financial help ask why Indiana not using work sharing program


WFYI, 5/19/2020

Governor Holcomb draws ire for no work share unemployment option



Consumer Protections


Fox59, 7/8/2020

Pandemic poses concerns for predatory lending in Indiana


The Statehouse File, 4/21/2020

Indiana Supreme Court blocks creditors from seizing stimulus payments


Journal Gazette, 4/21/2020

Coronavirus roundup


Indianapolis Star, 4/20/2020

Debt collectors can't touch coronavirus stimulus money, Indiana Supreme Court rules


WRTV, 4/17/2020

Hoosiers say stimulus checks are being deposited into wrong bank accounts


WISH-TV, 4/15/2020

Can creditors take stimulus checks? In Indiana, the answer may be yes


Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/14/2020

Advocates warn stimulus checks could be garnished by creditors


Indiana Public Media, 2/6/2020

Payday lending has drained hundreds of millions from most vulnerable Hoosiers




Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 3/26/2020

Governor Holcomb vetoes bill banning local rental rules


Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/7/2020

Merritt shifts focus to poverty after mayoral run



Prior Years - Selected Media


RTV6, 12/3/2019

Work conditions in Indiana putting pregnancies at risk


The Journal Gazette, 8/3/2019

Commissioners OK paid parental leave


The Journal Gazette, 6/10/2019

Five Questions with Erin Macey


The Journal Gazette, 12/13/2019

SNAP Decision


The Journal Gazette, 5/8/2019

Momentum Shift


Indiana Daily Student, 10/3/2019

$200 a month: Indiana families struggle with diaper need


Ball State University Magazine, 5/30/2019

Political Science Alumna Lobbies for Working Families


Washington Times Herald, 1/9/2019

Senator proposes bill to lower fees to reinstate drivers licenses


Indiana Week in Review, 9/20/2019

[Discussion of Financial Drain report]


The Elkhart Truth, 9/19/2019

Report: Hoosiers pay too much in short-term loan interest


Indiana Public Media, 9/19/2019

Payday lending has drained hundreds of millions from Indiana


The Statehouse File, 9/18/2019

Report: Payday loans cost Hoosiers millions


Indiana Public Media, 7/5/2019

Millions of Americans could lose their cars as delinquency rates rise


Indianapolis Busines Journal, 6/27/2019

City's poor often have few affordable options for banking, other financial services


South Bend Tribune, 4/16/2019

Payday loan expansion in Indiana stopped for now


The Journal Gazette, 4/16/2019

Subprime lending bill dies; opposition fierce


Indianapolis Star, 4/15/2019

Indiana 'loan shark' lending bill dies on House floor


Washington Times Herald, 4/10/2019

Amendment to payday loan bill unable to calm community advocates


Fox59, 4/9/2019

Amended 'loan shark' bill passes committee, moves to full Indiana house


Indianapolis Business Journal, 3/15/2019

Payday lending industry gains upper hand in Statehouse fight


Indiana Public Media, 3/15/2019

Advocacy groups say lending bill would create cycle of debt for Hoosiers


Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 3/14/2019

Groups oppose Senate Bill 613 on lending


WFYI, 2/20/2019

Committee passes cap to reduce payday lending interest rates


Indianapolis Star, 1/31/2019

Will Indiana payday loan rates remain above state's 'loan shark' threshhold?


Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/18/2019

2019 Forty under 40: Jessica D. Fraser


RTV6, 12/3/2019

Work conditions in Indiana putting pregnancies at risk


The Journal Gazette, 8/3/2019

Commissioners OK paid parental leave


The Journal Gazette, 6/10/2019

Five Questions with Erin Macey


Northwest Indiana Times, 10/4/2019

Indiana wages largely stagnant, with slight decrease in gender wage gap


The Journal Gazette, 4/16/2019

Upside Down


U.S. News and World Reports, 4/2/2019

States with largest and smallest gender pay gap


The Times of Northwest Indiana, 2/19/2019

Legislation on equal pay, opportunity for women stymied statehouse


The Republic, 1/21/2019

Cummins HR director advocates a culture giving every worker equal opportunity to excel


Indianapolis Business Journal, 11/9/2018

Janitor uprising highlights tensions over outsourcing


Indy Midtown, 10/22/2018

Upskilling for Economic Mobility


WFYI, 9/6/2018

Report: Income inequality in Indiana continues to grow


Times of Northwest Indiana, 9/5/2018

Indiana's income now more in line with South than Midwest, study finds


The Indiana Business Journal, 9/4/2018

Report: Indiana tax policy has benefited wealthy as median income dropped


FOX59 WXIN, 9/3/2018

Report says Indiana economy resembles Southern states


The Anderson Herald Bulletin, 9/2/2018

Locals not surprised Indiana falling behind Midwest neighbors


The Indianapolis Star, 8/31/2018

Why a report calls Indiana a 'Southern state' after examining certain economic indicators


Inside Indiana Business, 7/24/2018

Indiana part of work-based learning academy


WFYI, 7/20/2018

National report shows Indiana income inequality rising


Public News Service, 6/28/2018

Indiana presents cautionary tale in wake of Janus decision


Indianapolis Business Journal, 5/17/2018

Indianapolis residents' 'real' personal income sees growth - but still below national average


Marketplace, 5/11/2018

Tax cuts: Have they benefitted Indiana's economy?


Indianapolis Star, 4/7/2018

Report: Indiana ranks low for economic status of women


Northeast Indiana Public Radio, 3/6/2018

Democrat Anti-Trump Tax Initiative Hosts Discussion in Indy


Indianapolis Star, 2/27/2018

Holcomb backs legislative effort to allow DACA recipients to get professional licenses


Indianapolis Star, 1/17/2018

Lawmakers propose equal pay law: 'Why do we not treat the women of Indiana fairly?'


Indianapolis Star, 1/7/2018

Indiana lawmaker proposes change to sex discrimination law - starting with pregnancy


RTV6, 6/26/2018

Thousands of Hoosiers could lose food stamp benefits due to major cuts in House farm bill


WFHB, 6/22/2018

Food stamp cuts would leave locals ineligible, hungry


South Bend Tribune, 6/7/2018

HUD plan could raise rents for thousands of low-income families, retirees in Indiana


RTV6, 5/18/2018

Thousands of Hoosiers could lose food stamp benefits if proposed federal legislation becomes law


Fox59, 4/26/2018

Proposal to HUD vouchers could mean more money out of low-income families' pockets


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 5/22/2018

Improving percentage


WBIW, 5/21/2018

Federal payday rule survives legislative threat, remains intact for now


Public News Service, 2/28/2018

Lawmakers turn down payday-lending bill


Nuvo, 2/27/2018

Controversial Payday Lending Bill Falters in Senate


Chicago Daily Herald, 2/24/2018

Payday lending bill faces uncertain fate in Indiana Senate


Indianapolis Recorder, 2/15/2018

Payday Loans: Relief or Bondage?


Indianapolis Star, 2/2/2018

With a push from Bosma, Indiana House votes to allow 'loan shark' rates


Fox 59, 1/25/2018

Battle brewing over opposing payday loan bills in statehouse


RTV6, 1/3/2018

Indiana lawmaker files bill to cap payday loan interest rates at 36 percent


News and Tribune, 10/25/2018

In Indiana and Illinois, taxes hit low-earners hard


KPC News, 7/8/2018

Northeast Indiana aging faster than state, US


WANE, 5/4/2018

Fort Wayne ranks 13th in the country for home evictions


South Bend Tribune, 2/16/2018

Indiana Michigan Power reaches settlement on lower rate increase


2017 Media


Public News Service, 11/27/2017

Critics: GOP Tax Plan Would Hurt Many Hoosier Families


WPAA, 11/3/2017

Will the GOP's Tax Cuts Trickle Down to Hoosier Workers


Indianapolis Business Journal, 10/21/2017

Rise in Poverty in Indy nearly outpaces growth in population over 15 years


Public News Service, 10/2/2017

New Census figures pinpoint Indiana hunger, poverty


WFYI, 9/22/2017

Study ranks Indiana in bottom five states for gender pay gap


Indiana Public News Service, 9/5/2017

Report cites weaker pay, less voice for working Hoosiers


Greensburg Daily News, 8/1/2017

Indiana to provide free community college programs for in-demand fields


Indy Politics, 7/27/2017

Indiana's employers say they need increased skills, wages, & benefits to grow workforce


Indianapolis Star, 7/3/2017

Gov. Holcomb issues executive order to 'ban the box' in Indiana


WFYI, 6/12/2017

Financial barriers keep most people from workforce training


Indianapolis Business Journal, 6/10/2017

Should Indiana raise its minimum wage? In a word: yes.


Northwest Indiana Times, 6/7/2017

Child care, transportation barriers among job training barriers


WISH-TV, 5/9/2017

Indy council looking to raise minimum wage for city workers


WBIW, 5/9/2017

17 reasons to raise Indiana's minimum wage in 2017


WIBC, 5/8/2017

Council to debate $13 an hour "living wage" for city and county employees


Indianapolis Business Journal, 5/8/2017

Proposal aims to boost minimum city employee pay to $13 per hour


WRTV-6, 5/6/2017

How much do you need to survive in Indiana (with no help)?


WRTV-6, 5/3/2017

Roadblocks prevent Hoosiers from "upskilling"


Indianapolis Star, 4/26/2017

Gov. Eric Holcomb to issue executive order on felon hiring


Eagle Country 99.3, 4/26/2017

Gov. Holcomb's executive order "bans the box" for public jobs


WFHB, 4/26/2017

Ban the box - Governor Holcomb supports state but not local efforts for job applicants


USA Today, 4/20/2017

Bill on Indiana governor's desk to stop ban-the-box ordinances about job seekers' criminal histories


Indianapolis Star, 4/19/2017

Indiana ACLU, NAACP want governor to veto felony hiring bill


Northwest Indiana Times, 3/17/2017

Wages not keeping up with cost-of-living increases in NWI


Indianapolis Star, 2/24/2017

Should you know if new hire is a convict?


Indianapolis Business Journal, 1/27/2017

Does Indiana need $10 an hour minimum wage?


Indiana Public Media, 11/6/2017

Hoosiers, Hunger Activists Call for No Cuts to SNAP


WIMS AM 1420, 6/20/2017

Cutting SNAP benefits could hurt Hoosiers


Greensburg Daily News, 6/19/2017

Hoosiers at risk of hunger under Trump budget


PPP Focus, 5/26/2017

Trump budget keeps pledges: Cuts for poor, more for military


Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/1/2017

As debate rages over prek funding, families already in program see gains


Public News Service, 11/13/2017

Advocates Plead for Utility Relief


Indiana Public Media, 10/6/2017

CFPB Payday loan ruling creates new ways to protect consumers


Northwest Indiana Times, 4/27/2017

Beware of Overdraft Fees on Prepaid Cards


The Message, 2/23/2017

Senate Committee Rejects Bill to Expand Payday Lending


Indianapolis Star, 2/14/2017

Loan sharks circling at Statehouse -- again


WFYI, 9/27/2017

Traffic amnesty program could get 400k Hoosiers back on the road


Indiana Public News Service, 4/26/2017

Legislative session mixed for Indiana working families


Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/17/2017

Bill pits affordable housing against property rights


WFYI No Limits 1/24/2017

Combating Domestic Violence in Indiana

2016 Media


Indianapolis Business Journal, 12/10/2016

Provisions would boost economy, help families


Indianapolis Star, 11/6/2016

Can the next president, governor improve Hoosiers' economic well-being?


Indiana Public Media, 9/26/2016

Indiana Has Tenth Highest Wage Gap Between Men And Women


Greensbug Daily News, 9/23/2016

More Hoosiers Working, Poverty Slowly Improving


Greensburg Daily News, 08/24/2016

Decatur County Employment Numbers Improve


Peacock Panache, 08/11/2016

Economics & Unemployment: Numbers Can Be Deceiving


WFYI No Limits 6/28/2016

Chasing the Dream - Part 4


Nuvo, 3/28/2016

Reasons to raise Indiana's minimum wage in 2016


Northwest Indiana Times, 3/26/2016

Indiana income again near the bottom


Public News Service, 12/14/2016

Will Indiana Put Paid Family Leave on the Front Burner?


Eagle Country Online, 12/14/2016

Report: Lack of Paid Leave Puts Hoosiers in a Bind


Indiana Public Media, 10/14/2016

U.S., Indiana Lagging Behind With Lack Of Paid Leave Policies


WFYI, 8/9/2016

Report Gives Indiana 'D-' On Family Friendly Workplaces


Eagle 99.3 FM, 08/8/2016

Indiana Scores Poorly In Report On Support For Families


Kokomo Herald, 4/7/2016

Investing in child care would save Hoosier families $3201 a year


Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, 11/16/2016

Fighting Poverty through Access to Transportation


Indianapolis Recorder, 4/14/2016

Borrower beware: Payday loans a costly, controversial option


Indianapolis Star, 2/24/2016

Lawmakers could OK 'loan shark' rates


Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, 2/19/2016

Payday lenders look to expand


Inside INdiana Business, 08/15/2016

Institute Announces Staffing Changes


Opposing Views, 1/24/2016

Why Stricter Work Requirements For Food Stamps Need To Be Coupled With Expanded Job Training Programs


2015 Media Archives


98.9 WYRZ, 08/4/2015

The Indiana Institute for Working Families Receives Funding from The Indianapois Foundation


Inside Indiana Business, 07/23/2015

Indiana Needs a 'Good Jobs' Economic Development Strategy


Indianapolis Star, 06/22/2015
Hoosier incomes rose thanks to Medicaid expansion

Tribune Star (Terre Haute, Ind.), 05/31/2015
Measuring the economy depends on perspective: Lower jobless rate in Indiana positive but demands understanding

WFYI Indianapolis, 05/29/2015
Some analysts say not all is well with Indiana's economy, despite low unemployment

Nuvo News (Indianapolis), 05/29/2015
All that glitters is not gold: Indiana's unemployment rate drops

Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.), 05/28/2015
Keeping kids safe: State must invest in fight against deadly abuse, neglect

Indianapolis Star, 05/28/2015
Indiana's unemployment rate drops to 5.4 percent

Indianapolis Star, 05/27/2015
Indiana in race to the bottom

USA Today, 4/15/2015
Lawmaker rethinking welfare drug-testing proposal

Indianapolis Star, 4/11/2015
Economic gaps growing among Hoosiers

Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.), 4/9/2015
Family Friendly: Chid-care assistance can still pass Senate

Tribune Star, 3/26/15
Which interpretation of income data matches your reality?


The, 3/17/2015
Low-income families could keep child care help longer under bill moving in Senate


WCLJ TV 42, 3/13/2015
Joy in Our Town, with guest Derek Thomas, senior policy analyst with IIWF

Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/28/15
THOMAS: Work sharing calms economic waves

JC Online (Lafayette Journal & Courier), 2/27/15
Howey: Telling a new, but familiar Hoosier story (Kendallville, Ind.), 2/26/15
Shifting sustainability on the Hoosier prairies

Public News Service, 2/26/2015
New tool paints a clearer picture of child poverty

The Indianapolis Star, 2/23/2015
Krull: Indiana's Middle Class is Evaporating

The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne), 2/20/2015
Family Friendly - House bill strengthens bridge to self-sufficiency


WFYI 90.1 FM (Indianapolis)
No Limits: 2015 Working Families Report

The Journal Courier (Lafayette, Ind.) 2/19/2015

Bill to expand SNAP eligibility dies in committee (Franklin, Ind.), 2/17/2015
Bill to help low-income Hoosiers with child care moves to Senate (Franklin, Ind.), 2/17/2015
No vote on bill to eliminate asset test for food help

Vincennes Sun-Commercial (Vincennes, Ind.), 2/17/2015
Facing homelessness in Southern Indiana: For many, just making ends meet is a full-time job

The Indiana Lawyer, 2/11/2015
Indiana bills to increase the minium wage go unheard (Franklin, Ind.), 2/09/2015
Guest column: Work sharing deserves a legislative shot (Franklin, Ind.), 2/09/2015
Lawmakers hear concerns about 'cliff' effect for child care program

Journal Review (Crawfordsville, Ind.), 2/06/2015
Poverty in Indiana continues to grow

Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/05/2015
Tax 'simplification' bill raises numerous questions

Howey Politics Indiana, 2/05/2015
Is Indiana's middle class dying?
Status of Working Families report paints grim picture, but GOP sees higher wages on horizon

Indianapolis Star, 2/03/2015
Will Indiana lawmakers create Office of Marriage Promotion?

WIBC, 93.1FM (Indianapolis), 1/26/15
Indiana coalition calling for minimum wage hike

WBBM News Radio 780 AM and 105.9FM (Chicago), 1/23/2015
Those pushing for a higher minimum wage in Indiana say they doubt it's going to happen anytime soon.

WFYI Indianapolis, 90.1FM, 1/23/15
Report: As Hoosier economy improves, wages remain flat

News & Tribune (Jeffersonville, Ind.), 1/16/15
Facing Homelessness: The waiting game

Fox 59, 1/16/2015
Indiana organization claims more Hoosiers than ever living in poverty

Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne), 1/15/2015
Hoosiers' plight belies Pence's rosy picture

Indianapolis Star, 1/15/2015
While Indiana gets richer, Hoosiers get poorer



Fox59 10/20/2014

Indiana adopts stricter food stamp policy, could impact thousands 10/20/2014

Indiana reinstates time limits for some food stamp recipients


The Herald Bulletin 9/11/14

Work share program needed in Indiana


Journal Gazette 9/2/14

Wage gap persists locally


News and Tribune 8/28/14

Work sharing gains support as alternative to layoffs in Indiana


IBJ 8/27/14

Work share program debated by study committee


Lakeshore FM - Regionally Speaking with Steve Walsh 8/21/14

Income inequality is on the rise in Northwest Indiana post recession. We’ll break down the numbers. 8/18/2014

The Hoosier Poverty Problem Needs Real Solutions


Statehouse File 8/13/14

Inequality in Indy - A Rising Probem With Ready Solutions


Journal Gazette 8/12/14

Jobs back after recession; pay lags


NUVO 8/6/2014

Kids Counting On Us to Addess Inequality


The Republic 7/14/14

Indiana Legislature could take another look at work share program as alternative to layoffs


The Guardian U.S. 7/20/2014

The Benefits Cliff - When Minimum Wage Increases Backfire 7/13/14

Indiana loses out in Work Share dollars 6/18/14

A $15 Minimum Wage in Indy? Unlikely 6/18/14

Make All Work Pay A Living Wage 6/12/14

Marriage Not A Panacea to Poverty 6/08/14

The Price of Poverty 3/05/14

Rising Inequality in Indiana 3/02/14
Off-the-rails session can be redeemed 3/01/14

A bipartisan solution for work force woes 2/25/14
Indiana may pass on federal dollars to start work share program


Inside Indiana Business 2/13/14
A Bipartisan Solution to Protect Hoosier Jobs


Salem Leader 2/13/14
More Indiana working mothers are low-income 2/09/14
Pence’s flip endangers work-share

Courier Journal 1/30/14
Report: More than half of Kentuckians living paycheck to paycheck

USA Today 1/29/14
State Risks Losing Millions of Federal Work-Share Dollars 1/26/14
Focus On Efforts That Help Families Transition Off Welfare

Indiana Chamber of Commerce - Biz Voice Magazine January/February 2014
'Middle-Skill Jobs' Shortage: Education Is The Answer



Joy in Our Town 12/20/13
Interview with Program Manager Jessica Fraser on the Institute's Cliff Effect Research 12/5/13
69,000 Hoosiers could lose jobless benefits 12/3/13
Work-sharing program would ease Indiana’s unemployment woes 11/1/13
Adults critical to closing skills gap 10/16/13
Mysterious jump in rate of families with young children living in poverty in Northwest Indiana.

Inside Indiana Business, 10/8/2013

Study Touts Reverse Credit Tansfer Program 9/25/13
Need growing for workers in ‘middle skills’ jobs 9/24/13
Report finds growing 'middle-skills' gap 9/24/13
Middle-skill level job openings set to increase exponentially in next ten years 9/24/13
Middle-level skills lacking: State looks to boost above-entry-level workforce 9/23/13
Need for middle skill workers touted
Thousands of Available Local Jobs Middle Skill Jobs, No Applicants 9/23/13
High Demand Jobs, No College Degree Needed 9/23/13
Gap Growing in 'Middle-Skill' Jobs 9/23/13
Indiana coalition pushes adult job skills training 9/18/13
Latest income figures show Hoosiers continue to fall short 7/24/13
Hoosiers need help, use the surplus 7/18/13
Job training will improve poverty rates 7/17/13
Report: more low-income Hoosiers; advocate blames low-paying jobs 7/15/13
Poverty Growing More Quickly in Indiana 7/15/13
Surplus celebrated as poverty grows

Kokomo Tribune 7/15/213
Report: Indiana families worse off than thought

WISH 7/15/13
Poverty growing more quickly in Indiana

Eagle Country 7/13/13
More than one million Hoosiers are now affected by poverty

Indiana Talk 7/13/13
Hour 1 of the Gary Snyder Show features Derek Thomas of the Indiana Institute for Working Families

Herald Bulletin 7/13/13
Local agencies help families cope amid financial hardship 7/12/13
Hoosiers feeling pinch despite state surplus

NWI Politics 7/8/13
Indiana working families not advancing on path to prosperity

WIBC 7/8/13
Report Cites Rising Poverty In Indiana

WFHB 7/8/13
Indiana's High Number of Low-Income Residents

The Star Press 7/7/13
Cliff effect' preventing climb out of poverty 6/16/2013
Child hunger in Indy: 80,000 struggle to find enough to eat 6/11/2013
Dan Carpenter: Denying coverage isn't 'cure' for Obamacare

WFHB 5/14/13
CEOs Rank Indiana As 5th Best State To Do Business 4/21/13
Dan Carpenter: Indiana suffers from bad tax system, bad tax cuts 3/6/2013
Should Minimum Wage be Raised? 3/5/2013
Indiana House budget slashes funding for program that helps the working poor 3/1/2013
Dan Carpenter: Proven program to lift the low-income could be cut in half

Indiana Public Media 2/4/2013
Study: Indiana Taxes Disadvantage Low-Income Groups

IBJ 1/19/2013
Advocacy group waging war against welfare 'cliff effect 1/11/2013
Staying home with flu costly for some


2012 12/20/2012
The Unequal State of America 12/4/2012
Erika D. Smith: Embrace all families to help reduce poverty

WIBC 12/4/2012
Coalition Looks to Help "Middle Skilled" Workers Find Jobs

WTIU 12/4/2012
Coalition Pushes For More ‘Middle-skill’ Worker Training

RTVChannel 6 11/25/2012
Political Leaders to Return From Holiday Focused on Fiscal Cliff 11/25/2012
Advocates look at how poor are pushed over Indiana's benefits cliff 11/15/2012
My View: Indiana policies hurt middle-class growth 11/15/2012
Study finds Indiana's poor are getting poorer

WBEZ 10/26/2012
Front and Center profile story on Cliff Effect

WBEZ 10/26/2012
Afternoon Shift live chat

The Statehouse File 10/15/2012
Guest column: A missed opportunity to save Hoosier jobs

Indiana Daily Student 9/28/2012
Ind. poverty increasing

WFHB Firehouse Broadcasting (the segment starts at 6:17)

Indy Star 7/16/2012
Derek Thomas and Angelique Gayle: State shouldn’t miss out on health coverage

The Nation 5/18/2012
This Week in Poverty: A Little Help for the Long-Term Unemployed?

Inside INdiana Business 5/10/2012
Working Families Report Shows Bleak Economic Picture

WFHB Firehouse Broadcasting 5/2/2012

Chesterton Tribune 5/2/2012
Report: Indiana poverty up; wages down

FOX 59 4/4/2012
Summer job forecast for teens: Not so hot

Indy Star 1/19/2012
Democrats push new work-share program as alternative to rig work


2011 12/31/2011
Work-share program to avoid layoffs gaining support

Indiana Economic Digest 12/13/2011
Work-share program to avoid layoffs gaining support in Indiana Legislature

The Indianapolis Star 10/14/2011
IIWF receives grant to report on 'cliff effect'

Washinton Examiner 9/13/2011
Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

WISH TV 9/13/2011
Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

IBJ 9/13/2011
Census: Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

NW Times 9/13/2011
Census data shows nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

Houston Chronicle 9/13/2011
Nearly 1 in 6 Hoosiers impoverished last year

The Indianapolis Star 9/14/2011
Poverty hitting harder in Indiana 6/23/2011
The Indiana Exception? Yes, but...

WIBC 3/1/2011
Group Calls for Greater Investment in Education, Job Training


2010 10/07/2010
Report: Jobs projected for Indiana in 'middleskills'

Inside Indiana Business 10/07/2010
Study: Indiana Faces Work Force Void

The Associated Press 10/07/2010
Report: Jobs projected for Indiana in 'middle-skills'

Journal Gazette 9/22/2010
No Relief in Sight

Evansville Courier & Press 9/29/2010
Vanderburgh County bucks economic trends | POLL
Poverty, job numbers compare favorably

TribStar 3/13/2010
Hoosiers with more education weathered recession better

The Associated Press 2/3/2010
Study: 650K Ind. residents received emergency food

Chicago Tribune 2/3/2010
Study: 650K Ind. residents received emergency food

USA Today 2/1/2010
Ind. group calls attention to earned income credit 1/13/2010
They pay now, all pay later 1/31/2010
Indiana group calls attention to earned income credit

The Journal Gazette 1/31/2010
Indiana group calls attention to earned income credit

WIBC 1/31/2010
Earned Income Tax Credit

The Herald Bulletin 1/31/2010
Indiana group calls attention to earned income credit

To see Media Coverage previous to 2010 please click here to view Institute archives.