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The Big Picture: Labor Demand and Self-Sufficiency for Hoosiers

Jessica Fraser & Andrew Bradley | Workforce Policy Workshop for Lawmakers | July 2018


Indiana's Working Families and 2017 Legislation

Andrew Bradley | League of Women Voters, Indianapolis Chapter | January 2017


Paid Family & Medical Leave: Setting the Stage for Safe, Stable Nurtuting Relationships and Environments

Erin Macey | Monroe County Childhood Conditions Summit | August 2016


Breastfeeding & the Law: What Exists and What WeStill Need to Ensure that Breastfeeding is an Option for All Families

Erin Macey | Presentation at Indiana Breastfeeding Conference | August 2016


Status of Working Families Report

Derek Thomas | Presentation on Status of Working Families in Indiana to Mid North Shepherd Center | 2015


The Financial Impact of a Living Wage on Households and Communities

Derek Thomas | Presentation to 'Living Wage as a Human Right' at Robert H. McKinney School of Law's Graduate Studies Lecture Series | 2015


Work and Poverty (in Marion County)

Derek Thomas | Presentation to Plan2020 Work Indy Committee | 2014


Cliff Effect Converation at Tri-Cap's Third Annual Poverty Simulator

Derek Thomas | Presentation on the Cliff Effect and Economic Self-Sufficiency in the Tri-Cap region | 2014


Indiana University School of Social Work Living Wage Discussion

Derek Thomas | Economic self-sufficiency and the minimum wage | 2014


Commission on the Status of Women - Womens Leadership Event

Jessica Fraser | Increasing the minimum wage and its impact on women | 2014


Community Conversation – Restoring Economic Mobility for Hoosier Families

Cliff Effect Symposium
A symposium on improving economic mobility in Indiana featuring presentations from Dr. Curtis
Skinner from the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) and IIWF | 2013

Indiana Grantmakers Alliance
A presentation on Indiana's Forgotten Middle Skills Jobs presented by Jessica Fraser, IIWF Senior Policy Analyst, at the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance Fall Forum | 2011

Materials for Self-Sufficiency Calculator Webinar
A webinar on the Indiana Self-Sufficiency Standard presented by Jessica Fraser, IIWF Senior Policy Analyst. | 2011

KnowHow2GO Presentations, Sponsored by Learn More Indiana

Presentations by the Jennings County College for Success Coalition on the Indiana Self-Sufficiency Standard | 2011

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