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Picture of Erin MaceyErin Macey,  Policy Analyst


What do you do at the Institute?


I am passionate about fighting for systemic changes that will allow all Hoosiers to balance work and family. Supporting one another and our future generations through policies like paid family leave and early childhood education makes sense from so many angles. I also work on consumer protection issues. In other words, I tote giant binders full of research around the statehouse and share it with our policymakers. When I'm not digging in to the latest study on the harms of high-cost installment loans or best practices in supporting the childcare workforce, I also make time to get out of the office to interview Hoosiers about the challenges they face and what supports have been most effective for them. Ensuring that our policy advocacy includes their voices is important to me. .


Why do you care about these issues?


My husband and I are raising four kids and it takes tons of support and grace - from teachers, our workplaces, our families - to keep us moving forward. Not everyone has those supports. And they should. Beyond that, we have a legacy of policies and practices that have allowed some groups to get ahead economically and others to suffer. Addressing these is our responsibility.


What do you do when you are not a champion for change? 


Did I mention the four kids? That's pretty much what I do in my non-work time. We enjoy going on adventures and trying new things. Right now, they are into Pokemon Go and roller skating. So we are, too.


Erin in the media:


“We have one in four moms going back within weeks of giving birth, which is before their bodies are physically ready,” said Erin Macey, a policy analyst for the Indiana Institute for Working Families. “I think family leave often gets painted as maternity leave, that it’s just for new parents. Really this is something everyone could use because all of us going to need to take care of someone in our family.”


From Hoosiers struggle without paid family leave, RTV6, 6/29/2017


Erin Macey, policy analyst at the Indiana Institute for Working Families, said the data suggests “pre-K is actually a two-generation strategy for moving families toward economic self-sufficiency. "Given that state lawmakers have expressed concern this session about unfilled jobs in Indiana, pre-K investments make even more sense,” Macey said.


From As debate rages over pre-K funding, families already in program see gains, Indianapolis Business Journal, 4/1/2017